We solicit once a year, usually in April (with a reminder sent in Sept. to those who forget) and ONLY by mail. It will arrive in an official fire company envelope. We will NEVER call you by phone or solicit you over the internet. If you are contacted by any of these means, please contact the Ohio Township police.

A large portion of the company’s finances are supported by donations received from the residents and businesses that we protect. The donations we receive are used for the purchase and up keep of much needed equipment and pay for some specialized training.

Did you know that only 35% of the borough’s residents contribute annually? If you’re one of the residents that give year after year, we certainly appreciate your generosity. If you’re not, won’t you please consider giving this year. If you want to know what your money goes towards, please stop by any Wednesday evening. We’ll be glad to show you your equipment and fire company.